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9 week old puking machine

My son is 9 weeks old, he is currently taking 4oz bottles every 4 hours but once he has finished his bottle he is not bringing wind up but is being sick after most feeds.

I Don’t have a clue what else to try we have tried everything, he is sick no matter what we do more milk, less milk, keeping him up right, lying him flat, warmer bottle, colder bottle I’ve tried different milk brands, infacol and infant gaviscon. It’s so frustrating !

He doesn’t have any rashes after feeling and he is putting on weight so I don’t think its a milk allergy and he isn’t sick after his feeds in the middle of the night only during the day!

Please can some help me. This is really getting me down, me and my partner are arguing over it and I feel like I can’t do nice things like tummy time and soft play with my little one because he is either being sick, being changed, sleeping or feeding.

I feel like I’m letting him down

Hi @Melly

Firstly, you are NOT letting your baby down, at this age it’s totally trial and error and is a process of elimination to find out what works for your baby.

Has he been diagnosed with reflux? My daughter had severe reflux and we ended up on a combination of medication (omeprazole) and a heavier milk which was specifically for reflux and although that worked, she was still uncomfortable and sicky from time to time.

I would speak to your health visitor or doctor and ask what the next step is for reflux - I found infant Gaviscon did absolutely nothing for my daughter and infacol is only going to help with wind, all babies are different any these may not work for your little one either - ask about your options for medication and also look into a heavier milk too, you can thicken milk with something like carobel but I found it easier just to buy the anti-reflux milk.

The HV and doctors should be taking you seriously on this though so if they aren’t then please do speak up, it’s not fair for you as a family to have to struggle and it’s also not fair on your little one.

Sending you lots of love, it does get easier I promise :heart:


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