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Advice Please 39 weeks pregnant

Hi I’m Looking for Some Advice Or Someone who has Experience Similar, I Saw My Midwife and She has Suggested that I have a Sweep done and If Not Sucessful then have to be Induced.
Has Anyone Experience having a Sweep done and if so how long did it take to go in to Labour, Also is having a Sweep done is it Painful Truthfully.
I’m Really Worried and I honestly don’t know the best Solution or What to do for the Best.

Please Can i have some Advice :heart:

Hi. Sweeps are uncomfortable for about a minute & that’s about it. I had my 1st sweep with my 1st daughter when I was 17yrs old & went into labour 4 hrs later (I was 7 days overdue) - this time round I am 31 & had a sweep done at 38 weeks due to a few different things (latent labour, strong Braxton Hicks & the babies heart rate was irregular & I had to be monitored after a growth scan) - that didn’t work. I then had another 1 on my due date, I went into labour about 4 hrs later like I did with my 1st! Everyone is different though. Good luck :slight_smile:

Hi @anonymous2636 Thank you for your Advice. I will be 39 weeks 2 days when midwife wants to do Sweep, I think Because I have never has one before am just worried.
With my First Baby only last Year I went in to normal Labour with none of this.
Think I have also read to many negative things on Internet too.

I have read so many things about sweeps too but they aren’t anywhere near as bad as u expect it to be & it lasts no longer than a minute! I don’t plan on having anymore babies as 2 is enough for me :joy: but if I ever did, I’d have a sweep again. It’s completely your choice but I’d personally have it! x

@anonymous2636 Bless you, Yeah think your right I probably will have the Sweep done as I’m not keen on being Induced at all. I hope and PRAY that the Sweep does Work For Me. :pray: Do you have to be Dilated at all for the Midwife to Start the Sweep?
I’ve been having alot of Braxton Hicks and Baby is Constantly Moving and kicking. :heartbeat:

You have had a baby before so you will more than likely be 1-2cm dilated towards the end of pregnancy, that’s what I was told when I had my sweep anyway :woman_shrugging: it all depends on the cervix & whether it has started thinning or not. On my 1st sweep at 38 weeks she said my cervix was “still quite thick” but on my next 1 at 40 weeks she said “I think we will be seeing you tonight” :speak_no_evil: I then went into panic mode making sure I had everything ready & by the time I had done that, had a tidy round & a bath, my waters broke as I was making a cheese toastie! :joy: I was due to be induced 2 days after my due date but luckily my sweep worked. Hopefully it will work for you & you have your little 1 in your arms pretty soon :slight_smile: x

@anonymous2636 Thankyou ever so much for your Advice I really Appreciate. Yes I hope the Sweep will Work truthfully Speaking as I have a Induction Booked in 2 Days After my due date which I really don’t want at all. I’ve been having so much Pressure Down below and alot up my Rectum which can be quite Uncomfortable.
May I ask why did they book you in for Induction was your Baby Measuring Big on the Scans??
I hope you don’t mind me asking you.

If you don’t want the induction and the midwives are happy with you/baby, then you can tell them you don’t want it or even ask to put it back a little bit.

Hi @anonymous5036

Sweeps aren’t too bad, I didn’t go into Labour after mine though and ended up being induced anyway.

I was induced because I was overdue (41+2) but she wasn’t big really at all, I didn’t have any signs that Labour was coming prior to being induced, she was very comfortable in there.

If you have reservations about having a sweep or induction then I would suggest chatting to your midwife, they can talk through any concerns you have xx

No my baby was measuring small but when I had her on her due date she was actually a healthy 6lb 13oz! Lol. I had also been in the latent phase of labour on & off for 13 days. It was horrendous tbh! Just wanted the baby out :rofl: x

@anonymous2636 Am seeing my midwife tomorrow. I’m constantly getting like severe Period Pains on and off and feel quite Nauseous at times. TBH I honestly can’t wait either for Baby to come now. Abdominal Cramps Bad last night and this Morning too x

I was exactly the same & kept thinking labour was coming as I was losing my mucus plug for 2 weeks too so was getting really fed up. This last bit feels like forever but hopefully it won’t be too long now for u :crossed_fingers: let me know how u get on, good luck hun x

@anonymous2636 I just had My Stretch and Sweep done Very Uncomfortable. I just Hope and Pray :pray: that Little one Makes an Appearance Now. Hope Something Kicks off Now. How Long did it take when you had your Sweep done for you to start having Contractions or Any Signs Hun? :heartbeat:

Was it as bad as you were expecting though? Hopefully things get moving for you :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: I had my sweep around 2.30pm & my waters broke at 6.30pm followed by my 1st contraction. Did she mention whether or not your cervix had thinned? x

@anonymous2636 My Midwife didn’t mention anything like that Hun she said that I have a High Cervix. How Dilated was you when you had your Sweep?? Yes was Quite Comfortable to me or Maybe the Way she had done it. I ended up having a stretch and Sweep. Just having such bad Period Pains and Feel Bruised. Did you Feel like that at all After yours? :heartbeat:

I was told my cervix was high too I think but the 1st time she said it’s thick & it needs to thin before baby can come. I was 1-2cm dilated when I had the stretch & sweep. I felt exactly like u do with both my sweeps that worked so hopefully u are in labour or will be soon?! Don’t want to give u false hope though as everyone is different & I was told it doesn’t always work. Good luck with everything, do let me know how u get on :blush: I love a good labour/new baby story x

@anonymous2636 I understand what you mean hun. Yeah when My Midwife Started the Procedure it was Very Painful she said that I’m 2cm Dilated and Cervix was High so couldn’t reach it like she would of liked too. She said that things might start working now as she has what steps could do. But since I’ve had it done Baby is Very Very Active, Stomach going really Tight and Severe like Period Pains.
I haven’t Seen any Mucus Plug yet or a Bloody show did you at all Hun??
When you had your Sweep when was you in Labour? :two_hearts:

Sweeps aren’t always successful, so it’s just a case of having to wait and see whether anything happens.

I hope your baby comes soon. x

My mucus plug was already coming out for about a week or 2 before & my bloody show was after my waters broke. I went into labour around 4 hours after each of mine, my 1st was a 13 hour labour but my 2nd was very quick! My waters broke at 6.30pm & I literally got a really strong contraction straight away then the bloody show (all within about 10 minutes) then I had about 5 more strong contractions that literally brought me to my knees so rang labour ward & they said to go get checked. I had 3 more contractions on the 15 min drive & 3 more from the car to the ward. I was 6cm dilated within about an hour! The full labour was 3hrs 22mins. I was on my due date tho & I did read that they work better on or after u are due. Hopefully something is happening for u but if she said she couldn’t reach it like she would have liked to, she may not have been able to properly do it so it may be worth having another 1 on ur due date like I did. My 1st sweep at 38 weeks did nothing except make me even more uncomfortable than I already was but probably helped the 2nd 1 work x

Hey, any sign of baby yet? x