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Any mummy group in Basingstoke?

Hi everyone :wave:t4::grinning:
I was just wondering if there are any mummy groups in Basingstoke?

Thank you :grin:

I’m not sure whether there are any groups running at the moment, but if you are looking for groups that your baby would enjoy, then perhaps look into going to a baby sensory one or Hartbeeps baby & toddler classes which are all about playing and singing with your little ones.

HI Maryan

Have you heard of β€œReady Steady Mums”? The group is suspended at the moment due to the pandemic but usually this is a group of mums who get together to walk and chat, possibly picnic

Find the Basingstoke Ready Steady Mums Group here

Hampshire Healthy Families also have a huge list of toddler groups in Basingstoke that you can download here

:mag_right: If anyone attended a group in Basingstoke before the pandemic that you’d recommend, please do add the details below - thank you!