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Anyone else 8 months pregnant, no garden, no car with a toddler?

Anyone out there who is 8 months pregnant, no garden, no car and has a toddler?

What things do you do when weather is nice, we went to the park yesterday for like 2 hours and I was knackered. Could go to relatives but that involves getting on busses.

HNi @anonymous6037

That sounds really hard for you all. I suggest chatting to your health visitor and midwife as they will know what groups are available locally you can go to. They can also introduce you to other local mums.

Have a look at the link below to see if any of these ideas help.


The Channelmum HV

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Do you have any green space locally? Doesn’t have to be a park specifically but a patch of grass/field would do? Take a bubble wand for little one to blow bubbles?

Would any friends close-by be willing to let you use their garden for an hour or two?

It’s definitely hard work entertaining a toddler at the best of times but particularly when you have no outside space.

I honestly wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself either, there is this expectation when the weather is nice that we have to be outdoors all of the time but I’m sure your little one doesn’t mind a bit of downtime in the house. If you’re not feeling up to going out then I’d suggest not bothering and just taking the day to relax at home, it’s really important you look after yourself at this stage of pregnancy. I always find that painting/crafts go down well with my two :slight_smile:

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Yesssss I’m 34 weeks with a 16 month old and the exhaustion is real.
I have an activity tray and do messy play a lot for her which she loves.
It can be anything from sponges and a bit of bubbly water to dyed spaghetti. There’s loads of ideas on Pinterest I’d definitely suggest it for keeping them happy and active.
Also soft play could be a shout or getting them into nursery for a few days just for a break and to tire them out.
I’d suggest napping when they nap though that’s a game changer and just tryna get them involved in whatever you are doing in terms of housework helps me.

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