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Anyone else hate wearing make up?

On my 1st day of secondary school my mum started putting make up on me and I was like what’s this for? And she said you’re old enough now. However, I didn’t care at all about make up or feel I needed it. Then I just carried on with it over the years adding more and more. Now I’m 32 and feel like I have to wear make up everyday for work and at the weekends in case my partner thinks I’m not making any effort if we are going out. But in reality I hate make up and would happily only wear it for special occasions. I watch a lot of mummy vloggers who sometimes go through their make up but I’m just not interested. Am I alone here?

No I don’t wear it at all, for me I don’t want to hide behind make up so have the mind set either like me without or not at all :woman_shrugging:

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I think you should wear it for yourself, not for other people @archiebear.

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What about going for a more natural look and gradually toning it down?

I have done that recently tbf. It’s horrible wearing make up and masks. I have to wear one all day for work and it’s really damaging my skin.

If the masks are causing issues with your make up/skin, then I’d just say screw it and go au naturel.

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