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Anyone else NOT sending their child to nursery?

Hi everyone! My daughter is only 1 but I’ve had loads of people ask when she’ll be starting and I always feel so awkward and apprehensive to tell them that she won’t be. I know all of the pros to nursery life and the known cons are obviously the prices and illnesses that come along with it but it’s more so the hidden cons that have irreversibly made this decision for me.
I used to be an apprentice for a nursery and found a wide community of workers from loads of different nurseries both private and council… It was always the same behind closed doors with the odd few workers who were in over their heads trying to actually provide good care. The majority of the workers ignored the children to gossip, portrayed behaviours parents would not be comfortable with and lied to the parents about both big and small things. From what they ate that day (they didn’t pay attention) to being first aid trained (they didn’t actually remember the course) to how they got that bruise or how much they loved an activity they either didn’t do or they were forced into for a picture for their logs.
It got to the point where I quit my apprenticeship and plenty others did. It’s been years since and I’m now a mother, I’m still friends with some old colleagues who stayed for the kids but admit it has gotten even worse too.
The fact everyone I know in the industry has stories about this behind closed doors normality has put me off for life.
I know all the activities, I know the key stages, i know the development and all the important sides so can offer her the educational play side and hope after covid to socialise my daughter more too to offer that side
BUT everyone always fixates on the fact my daughter NEEDS to be in nursery. I just don’t know how to have that conversation because people don’t think I’m capable of offering the best start to my child’s life without sending my child to nursery.
Is anyone else in a similar boat?

If you aren’t happy with the idea of sending your daughter to nursery, then there’s no rule to say you must, but you may want to join some groups, so she doesn’t miss out on the interaction side.