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Are there any mummy groups in the Eastleigh area?

I am fairly new to the channel so still trying to get the hang of it, I had my little one in November 2020 during lockdown and its been tough. Unfortunately due to the pandemic there were no antenatal classes so I didn’t get to meet other mummy’s to be, and with being in lockdown haven’t had much support other than from my hubby. Does anyone know of any local groups?

Hiya, I hope you are keeping well and congratulations on your little one! Have you looked at the pavilion on the park which is near Fleming park? I know pre lockdown they had mum & baby groups there, it might be worth checking their website to see if they are doing any online bits for new mums? Also, if you drive, I used to go along to cutbush lane children’s centre, it’s in townhill park so about 10/15 min drive from Eastleigh, they did various groups, I’d recommend checking them out. Xx

HI @JandJ

Welcome to Channel Mum! Lots of the local groups are on hold at the moment but with luck will be reopening soon as things start to get back to normal. Hampshire Healthy Families have a list of local toddler groups that you ca download here.

:mag_right: If anyone attended a group in Eastleigh before the pandemic that you’d recommend, please do add the details below - thank you!

Thank you that’s really helpful to know :blush: