Baby naps



i believe my baby boy who’s 9 months old needs to drop his 4pm nap. He’s taking a really long time to settle and isn’t napping very long. When I’ve tried to cut out the nap he’s very moody because it’s due the time of the nap. What can I do to work through to bath and bedtime? I’ve tried entertaining him with his toys but he isn’t interested The only things that seems to work is going out for a walk. Shall I just continue the walks?



Every baby is different but one thing I have been doing since about 7/8 months is 3 hour rule, so his naps throughout the day add up to 3 hours and they are 3 hours apart, first one been 3 hours after waking up in morning. So if he wakes at 7am he goes down for nap at 10am till about 11:30, second nap is 2:30 till about 4 and then that leaves 3 hours till bedtime of 7pm

it worked like magic from the get go! Literally as soon as I put him down for his nap at 10am he wasn’t whinging or fighting it he just fell asleep

And he’s kept that up for 5 months! He’s 13 months now and is just dropping down to 1 long nap at lunch

Give it a go and see if it works! You might be able to find something on google about it, try searching baby 3 hour nap schedule

be warned though if it does work you might get a bit obsessed with the clock ? if someone looks after him I’m like ‘he woke up at 7:12 so he needs a nap at 10:12 exactly ‘ hahaha

But if not and you just want to distract him till bedtime id say keep up with the walks, I don’t think there’s anything better than fresh air and seeing new things to pass time and make them all ready for sleeping at night

chloe x


That sounds like a good schedular! At the moment he naps at 9:30 for an hour and then back down for a nap at half 12 till 2. So it’s like 2 hours he’s awake but till try this 3 hour rule!

Thank you ? xx



My name is Maggie and I am a health visitor and sleep and parenting specialist who works with ChannelMum. Has the suggestion form Anon helped?

If mot and you would like more help with this I am happy to take a look. What time does he go to bed at? Does he sleep well at night and what naps is he having in the day and waking in the morning

Take care

Maggie xx