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Boy or Girl? Guesses appreciated, 12 weeks 5 days

Hi! I’m looking for nub guesses please :slight_smile: scan was done at 12 weeks 5 days, and CRL put me at 13 weeks 1 day :slight_smile:

I think girl.

It’s not a very clear image so I am not feeling too confident but I’ll guess girl for fun.

Thank you both! My camera isn’t very good and so I had to use the flash to get it to focus, they look better in the flesh so to speak. I appreciate you both taking the time to respond :grin:

I’m guessing girl.

I think girl

Thank you! :grin:

1 month to go! Any more guesses? :grin:

I think girl too. Don’t hold me to it though. x

It looks forked, so guessing girl.

Thank you! Pretty much everyone everywhere has guessed girl. We’ll soon see! (My partner thinks boy and he’s usually right about everything lol)

I think the biggest surprise this baby could give me is if they come out small- I feel huge and baby feels heavy!

Hi all! Baby is indeed a girl, she was born in the early hours of the 5th after a fast and uncomplicated labour, weighing 7lb10!

Every single guess on multiple sites were either girl, or unsure but leaning towards girl. The internet was right!

Thank you all for contrubuting! :purple_heart:

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Congratulations @CatsRule! Did your baby come on time?

Thankyou! Nope she was a week early, impatient to meet us! :grin: