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Considering baby 3 but a bit worried I am 37. Both previous pregnancies no real issues but i did have hypremises

Hi all, we ate considering baby no 3. We have two lovely girls… we thought we were done but both my husband and I are one of three and the thought of never again makes us feel quite sad.

My worry is I’m 37 (just) now and I’m concerned about the risk of downs and other complications being higher now. Its a 1 in 200 chance at 37.

I was hoping that as iv only just turned 37 maybe its slightly more on my side at around 1 in 250.

I know lots of women nowadays are having babies later… did you have the same worries? I didn’t even really think about it 2 years ago with my second and the chance was 1 in 350.

I sound like a horrible person… I would still keep baby if was downs i feel at the minute and no other conditions but I know my husband wouldn’t.

What would you do?

Many thanks

I would go for it if you guys feel like your family isn’t complete yet. And there’s so many tests these days - combined screening, NIPT & more invasive tests etc. Good luck!!

1 in 200 is better odds than those for older mums, and like @rebecca.c mentioned, there are so many more tests and things, it would be a shame if you missed out on completing your family.