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Could the sonographer be wrong?

I don’t have an lmp to go from however I started to feel pregnancy symptoms about 3 weeks ago, and 2 weeks ago got very strong positive tests. I took a digital test which said 2-3 weeks since conception which would make me 4-5 weeks, two weeks ago.

For the past week and a half I’ve had awful sickness and fatigue which led me to think I was 6 + weeks and this morning I vomited a lot so I thought for sure I was 6 to 7 weeks pregnant but at my dating ultrasound today they put me at only 5 weeks along which just can’t be right can it?? I wouldn’t have been having symptoms for 3 weeks if I was 5 weeks along.

The baby had a heartbeat a yolksac sand the placenta was beginning to form which are all positive signs but why was the baby measuring only 5 weeks?? I’m really concerned about it as I have a history of miscarriages. Could they have made a mistake?

How confusing @annieme. On one hand, I’d hope they hadn’t made a mistake, whilst on the other, I’d be hoping they had.

That’s so strange.

I know none of it makes any sense, but I’d try to keep positive @annieme. I have heard that some people get symptoms almost straight after conception, although I don’t know how true it is.

I’ve also just realised I haven’t had sex in the right time frame so I really can’t be only 5 weeks. I’m concerned now because the blood tests that need to be down before 10 weeks won’t be offered in time as they’ve asked me to make my booking in appointment in 3 weeks time when I’m 8 weeks along, but I think I’ll be 9-10!

Hmm dating scans can be tricky at that stage, as the baby is much smaller so difficult to be 100% accurate. Sperm can live in the body for 5 days so could that work in terms of dates?

With my second baby I had symptoms almost immediately whereas with my first it took longer.

Are they going to do bloods to check HCG levels if you have a history of miscarriage? It’s really positive that a heartbeat has been seen.

Also just to note, I’ve just checked back on my early scans as I was sure my dates changed. On my early scan I was dated at 6 weeks 1 day, then at my dating scan (the one you’re supposed to have at 12 weeks) I was dated at 13 weeks 5 days - my dates moved by over a week when compared to the early scan so I think there is definitely some change and room for error depending on different factors.


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We really don’t have sex much :see_no_evil::joy: but I can’t remember exactly when it was however I’m fairly confident I’m at least 6.5 weeks. It’s made me really worry that the baby isn’t developing correctly because I didn’t see what I was expecting to see. I had early scans with my daughter and could clearly make her out alby 7 weeks but this one was also very very close to the wall of the gestational sac so I’m thinking even half a mm at this stage can throw your dates off really.

I’m going to choose to believe in my own feelings and body and I’m fairly sure I’m 6 - 7 weeks.

They haven’t offered any hcg checks this time around, which I think is because I’ve now had a successful pregnancy.

They were all good signs but I can’t shake off the nerves. X

I had a very early scan and was dated at 5 weeks pregnant. I knew this couldn’t be right but I had a scan a week later and my dates changed to 7 weeks 1 day. It’s unlikely at 5 weeks you will see a heartbeat so I think you’re more likely to be at least 6 weeks! I would trust your instincts :slightly_smiling_face:

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This happened to me I went for an early pregnancy scan thinking I was 7 weeks plus because my clear blue one said 3week so waited 3 more weeks before booking scan and then I had my scan done I was only 5 weeks which couldn’t of been right to me but they told me I could of just conceived later then I thought which didn’t add up but I’m 29 weeks pregnant today so I wouldn’t worry stay positive don’t need that stress xx

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Hi everyone, thought I’d pop along to give an update on this… Yes, the sonographer was wrong! When I went along for my 12 week scan based on his dates, I was actually measuring 15 +3 so it was too late for me to have the nuchal test done. That means at the “5 week” scan I was actually 7 to 8 weeks along. I’m relieved that I wasn’t going crazy but also annoyed that I wasn’t taken seriously and as a result couldn’t have the screening tests done.

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That’s brilliant news!:slight_smile: enjoy your pregnancy while you can because when your pregnant time flys by xxx

I’ll try! I’m suffering so much with fatigue this time which isn’t helped by having a teething 1 year old :sleeping: xx

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Ah, that’s lovely news! You skipped most of the first trimester worry then. :hugs:

Congratulations and I hope the sickness wears off soon.

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Thank you. It was lovely that it was good news and lovely to see such a developed baby! And lol, that would have been nice! But no, not really. I had the same length of time as usual between the positive test in Feb and the scan in May :). I’ve also had three miscarriages between 5 and 11 weeks so I get really bad pregnancy anxiety in the first trimester and the sonographer dating my baby so small when I knew I should be further on only compounded my anxiety that it wasn’t growing correctly. Happily that wasn’t the case in the end but I also missed out on the screening by then.

Actually come to think of it I had to wait even longer between test and scan than usual so I had an extra couple of weeks to stress :joy: