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Do you live in the Hampshire Region?

We’ve set up a group especially for families in the Hampshire area so please do click the link below and join if you are located in this local area. Joining the group simply allows us to know how many families are accessing this service and also means we can send out group notifications to share any local information that we think you’d be interested in.

:arrow_right: Click here to join the group

Once you’ve joined the group, please pop a response on the poll below to let us know whereabouts you live. We’d love you to then add a reply below to introduce yourself and start getting to know other local families.

  • Aldershot
  • Alton
  • Andover
  • Basingstoke
  • Farnborough
  • Fleet
  • Bordon
  • Petersfield
  • Winchester
  • Eastleigh
  • Romsey
  • Fareham
  • Gosport
  • Havant
  • New Forest
  • Waterlooville

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Local information for Hampshire Healthy Families

Hampshire Healthy Families was launched in August 2020 as a partnership between Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and Barnardos to bring together a new service to those families with children aged from 0-19 years.

Our health visitors work in teams with Community Nursery Nurses and a number of other services, including GPs, Midwives, Paediatricians, Children’s centres and Hampshire Children’s services. The service aims to deliver the National Healthy Child Programme which consists of developmental reviews, screening tests, vaccinations and information to support parents.

Hampshire Healthy Families covers most areas of Hampshire with the exclusion of Southampton (City) and Portsmouth (City).

Where can I find more local information?
You can find details of local information and events on the Hampshire Healthy Families Website or on their facebook page.

How can I share local information?
If you have information that you’d like to share, please pop a reply below.

Ringwood :blush:

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Welcome to the Hampshire Healthy Families Board @hayleyroberts1992
This space is just for mums in the Hampshire region to chat and get support, please do tell local mums you know about this won’t you?

Hi i’ve just moved to Southampton with my nearly two year old and struggle with post natal depression. Would be nice to meet other mums in the area when things become a bit more normal.

Welcome to Channel Mum @siobhanw and the Hampshire Healthy Families (HHF) board.

Are you getting support with your postnatal depression? Would you like to talk about how you’re feeling here (either in this thread or start one of your own in the HHF board), it can help to share.

I’m in Southampton :blush: if you ever want to chat or recommendations for things to do please feel free to message me x

Hi Cora thanks so much that would be great. x

No probs! Which part of Southampton are you in? X

Welcome @CorA

If you have recommendations of things to do in the area, it would be great if you would start a new thread with your suggestions and any reviews.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Donna, I didn’t realise this bit of the forum is for Hampshire but not including Southampton, should I make a thread elsewhere rather than under the Hampshire thread? Xx

I think you’re local enough that other mums in the region will still benefit @CorA so please do start a thread here Hampshire Healthy Families - Channel Mum Chat and call it something like “Things to do in Southampton” or “A list of things to do in my area”

Thanks very much.

Hiya Cora,
Sorry I didn’t realised you’d replied to my message lol I’m in Hamble.

:blush: Eastleigh

Welcome @JandJ!

Thanks, I am new to this channel so just trying to get the hang of it :blush: