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Feeling anxious

Ok. So I’m really struggling at the moment, I feel anxiety all the time I’m trying to hold or together for my family but it’s crippling me,
I’ve posted on here before. I recently had a baby who’s now almost 4 month old . He has always been a poor feeder and most of anxiety stems from that, why won’t he take his bottle? Will he take next bottle ? How much will he take ? Is he gonna starve ? It’s constantly going on in my head. My husband is so sportive. And always tell me to not worry. But it dealt make me angry when he’s says that. I don’t want to worry but o can’t help it. It’s really crippling me. I dread the next feed. And when I am feeding him I feel anxious and I can feel my self shaking with fear, I hate this. Any advice or

Hello @anonymous4778

That sounds really stressful for you and I am so sorry to hear how anxious you feel. My name is Maggie and I am the Channelmum HV.

Firstly is your baby gaining weight? What is his current weight and what was his weight at birth? Can you reach out to your health visitor to get some help and support with this? As HVs we are there to support mums and dads with how they feel. Your HV can also check his weight and perhaps watch you feed him to see what may be going on. Your HV can also check him over and make sure there is no tongue tie which can make it difficult for babies to feed.

Your HV can check the teat sizes and flow and just make sure he is on the right size for him. It may be something very simple.

How long is he taking to have a feed and how many ounces/mls does he usually take?

If he is gaining weight well and having plenty of wet and dirty nappies then he is doing well and thriving. If you then still anxious despite this you may need some help with your anxiety.,

I am going to post a link below on anxiety as it can be crippling and make you very unhappy. In the link are lots of ways of coping with anxiety and there is an excellent free anxiety course I think you would find helpful

Your baby will not starve and you are a great mum doing your best by him. If you can practice some long slow deep breathing before and during feeding this may help you feel calmer and also help him relax. Perhaps try playing some calming music during feeds or hum or sing softly to him whilst he feeds to calm both of you.