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Formula & BreastFeeding Help!


I’m yet to have my bubba BUT i was wondering if anyone can shed some light on feeding…

I would like to feed with both types however my first baby I’m clueless, what’s peoples experience whilst out shopping using formula? How do you make it? What if restaurants refuse to heat etc?

If you spend a whole day out somewhere do you still need to pump throughout the day? I’m worried the pain would be so bad my boobs would burst if I’m out for the day?!

I am 100% I don’t want to breastfeed whilst infront of people, my own choice, I would either formula feed or use pumped milk.

What’s peoples experience using formula/expressing on a day out.

If you don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding around people, then there’s no shame in that. Each to their own really. :hugs: I’m sure you can buy special baby bottle flasks to keep hot water in and heat their bottles up.

Tommee Tippee used to sell a travel food warmer for baby bottles.

I have seen this but I was sceptical on temperatures etc to fight bacteria, would the formula & milk need to piping hot for bacteria & then chill? I was thinking during the day using the tommee tippee flask it would cool down & wouldn’t be safe?
I’m so clueless! X