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From 'Tessadora' To 'Ranger' – These Are The Top 20 Made-Up Baby Names!

Unusual and made-up baby names are all the rage these days, it seems! And our latest Channel Mum survey confirms what we already thought – unique names are here to stay.

New parents are giving their babies ‘made-up’ names such as Wrenlow, Maevery, Elisobelle and Jaspin - so they have a unique identity on social media.

Our new survey reveals seven percent of you have already chosen a unique name for your child, while a further two thirds would consider it.

Our baby name expert SJ Strum explains:

“Shakespeare invented many names that have stood the test of time like Imogen and Jessica. Now the social media boom means we are all writers and publishers, so parents are making up baby names that give their child a unique start in life.”

A huge 94 percent of parents think made-up baby names are becoming more popular, with a third claiming one-off names will ‘make their child feel special’.

Here are SJ’s top 20 made up baby names – would you use one?


  1. Maevery
  2. Faelina
  3. Idalia
  4. Evabeth
  5. Tessadora
  6. Anaveah
  7. Jessalie
  8. Sylvalie
  9. Sophiel
  10. Elisobelle


  1. Jaspin  
  2. Charleston  
  3. Brigham 
  4. Ranger  
  5. Wrenlow 
  6. Eastley  
  7. Graylen 
  8. Albion 
  9. Tovin 
  10. Cedar

What do you think of these names? Are there any in the lists that you’d pick for your own child? Tell us in the discussion below!

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Or after baby boy names with a unique feel? Watch below!

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I’m not sure I like Tinksley, but I like Emberyn.

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Hi, my little girl is called ‘Astarlah’ pronounced a-star-lah! We kind of adapted it from peached geldoffs sons name Astala…thought it was so unique!
And in Arabic? Apparently means A-star-of-him, which we thought was very fitting.


This is amazing! I absolutely love Maeverly and Faelina!! I’m pregnant atm and think maevery or even maeverly would make such a beautiful name!

Amazing. As a black woman, I remember in the 80s, 90s and early part of the century when African-American parents were being heavily ridiculed for doing the same thing that whites are doing right now. What makes this OK all of a sudden? Some of the names were made up out right, some were a blend of the mothers name and the fathers name or even other family members as well as friends. This trend is definitely not unique. People have been doing it for years. But for some reason blacks in this country were heavily criticized by their own people and whites for doing what you’re trending now.

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Brigham Young would be fascinated to know that his name is made up!

Also, Charleston may not be a common first name but last names are often used as first names.