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Hampshire Healthy Families FAQ: Please read first

Welcome to the Hampshire Healthy Families Online Support Group.

This is a forum for families in the Hampshire Region to give local parents a safe, non-judgemental space to ask questions, get advice, local information and support each other. We’ve listed some Q&A below to help you understand what this space is for but if you have any other questions please add them in a reply below and we’ll get back to you asap.


How do I use this forum?
First of all if you haven’t already you will need to register with Channel Mum to create your account.
You can then post a new thread to ask any question as well as adding replies if you have the answer to another family’s question.

Is this just for mums or dads too?
This forum is for anyone who cares for children, mum or dad, grandparent, single parent, step parent, parent by adoption, parent-to-be. We are 100% inclusive and will support everyone.

What kind of questions can I ask?
You can ask any question that you would normally ask your health visitor, school nurse, community mental health team etc

Can I post anonymously?
Yes you can. You need to register with your real name and then once you are logged in, you can click the link at the top of the page to make your posts anonymous. Click here to find out more

Who is going to answer my questions?
Who is going to answer my questions?
This is a community forum where other local parents will be sharing their local knowledge and personal experiences to answer questions, in addition, the Channel Mum Parent Support Team will be available to give advice and information with support of the Southern Health Family Team.

I don’t live in the Hampshire Region, can I still post?
While this forum on the Channel Mum site is primarily for families who are based in the Hampshire area, we do welcome replies from anyone in the Channel Mum community and thank you for your support in supporting Southern Health Families. If you don’t live in the Hampshire region and have a question, please post in one of the other Channel Mum Support Forums.

We have a statutory duty of care to all members of our community and their families and while we do not usually share your details without consent, if we believe a member or a child is in danger we may share details of that person with the relevant authorities to protect them, if you are based in the Southern Health Region then details may be shared with the SHFT to ensure you and your family get the level of support needed. Read more on our Privacy Policy

Note: Hampshire Healthy Families do not endorse any of the adverts you may see on the Channel Mum website.