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Has anyone been prescribed baby aspirin?

Hi. Has anyone been prescribed aspirin? If yes, then why? and for how many weeks?

Hi @anonymous5902, how many weeks are you? Your doctor shouldn’t have prescribed you something without explaining why they’ve given it to you.

It’s not something I’ve had personally, has everything been explained to you fully as to why it’s been prescribed?


Hi there! I was told to take a low dose of aspirin from around 12 weeks of my pregnancy, I was taking it for a low Paap-a and also I was at an increased risk of preeclampsia. Your doctor should be able to tell you if you’re able to call? X

Hello im currently on low dose aspirin been on it since confirmed heartbeat at 6weeks due to a late miscarriage been cause by blood clots in the placenta and ive got to stay on them throughout. My sister was also prescribed them due to high blood pressure in first pregnancy. Im sure if you phoned the midwife theyd be happy to explain more why you’ve been prescribed them.

Hi. they told me that I have 30% placental lakes. There may be growth restriction in baby or preterm birth. So, prescribed me aspirin which would act as blood thinner. How many weeks are you right now? I guess blood clots in placenta are the same as placental lakes. And did your sister deliver a healthy baby and was she okay?

I am so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. At how many weeks did that happen?

Haya I had to take them all the way through my pregnancy because I have small babies and they are meant to help with the blood flow to help them grow better but I still had 3 tiny babies xx

@anonymous5902 im 20 weeks today. I found out that she had passed away at 19+3 and had to have the tablet to start labour and delivered the next day. When she was born she was the same size of a 14w but was developed to 18w she had also got a true knot in her cord so they don’t know if that played a part with her getting one so early on. Ive also had a choronic heamorrage with this pregnancy but everything is going really well :slight_smile: My sister delivered a little boy in October and he was 8lb 15oz a week overdue :slight_smile: