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Heavy implantation bleeding

Hey moms/ moms to be i have 7 children last one born 6 years ago and 3 months ago i had an eptopic pregnancy well this month my period was due april 23 and it never came witch im possitive i ovulated late but ive been taken pg tests this whole time and all negative i started bleeding yesterday evening supper light all night then about 3 am it got heavy only when i went pee and maybe a puddle on my pad but now here it is this eveninga and all bledding has pretty much stoped could this be implantation bledding? My periods are 4 day and never strat out light usually supper heavy flower and very bad cramping but this time i havent had even any real cramping maybe a littleā€¦ I had a HSG done april 6 to check fellopian tubes for blockage

It does sound a bit unusual, when compared to your normal periods @agustinjimenezperez2018.
Leave it a few more days and then try testing again.

Has there been any more bleeding? Have you tried re-testing?