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Help! 5 month old refusing bottles


My 5 month old son has always been a good feeder up until the past few weeks. He has been on 5 x 7oz bottles for a while now but all of a sudden he has started refusing to drink, pushing bottle away and some times he’s getting really annoyed and worked up. He’s been on cow and gate milk since birth. I’ve tried different bottles, teats, getting someone else to feed him. And today I even tried a different formula brand. He’s gradually been getting worse and worse over the past 2 weeks. He will eventually drink his milk as I will sit there for an hour or more until he’s decided to drink it. He’s a big boy at around 19lb and he isn’t loosing weight and I’m not concerned about his health but am really at a loss at why he’s like this. He’s no teeth yet and I don’t see any breaking through, although he’s constantly chewing the fist. I’m going to phone my health visitor and doctor in Monday for a bit of advice but just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar? It’s starting to get me down a little as I’m lost what to do.

Thanks x

I think that babies usually go off their milk when they are poorly or teething, so if he’s chewing his fists, then it’s possibly because of teeth that are coming through. Teeth can take ages to come through.

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Hello @new.mumma.1990

Sorry to hear your son has started to refuse his bottles and needs a to of coaxing to drink from them. My name is Maggie and I am the Channelmum HV.

Do you think he may have oral thrush which may be affectign his feeding? Have a look at the link below for how to identify this and the treatment

I think it is a really good idea to phone your GP and HV to get one of them to check him over. He is quite young yet but he is a good size you could try a feeding beaker to see if he might drink from this.

I would not suggest keep changing his milk - how much fluid is taking in 24 hours? As long as he having plenty of wet and dirty nappies, gaining weight and appears well and happy I would not be too concerned. Their appetite can vary a lot especially during growth spurts and if teething.

I would just allow him to drink what he wants and not coax him to finish a feed. Is he having anything else to drink besides milk? I take it he is not eating solid food yet?

Maggie x

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