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Hello I really looking for some were I could chat to someone on line about how I am feeling. I am fed up of doing the same stuff not going any were as I am clinical extremely vulnerable so I don’t feel confident in going any were really really worried. Xx

Are you okay?
Always here for a chat
Sending my love to you
And you are doing an amazing job as a mum

Oh thank you just feel really shitty. I need a plan as to how to start feeling better but don’t know were to start. I have 5 children so getting a break is hard.

Just wanted to send you a hug. Do you have any family or friends you can talk to about how you’re feeling?

Hi @anonymous5817

Can you tell us a bit more about what’s been happening? You say you need a plan on how to feel better - have you talked to your GP about how you feel? This can be done via video chat or phone if you’re not comfortable going out.

Do you have partner or family support at all? X

Just need a break from my kids I know that sounds harsh but homeschool was bloody hard I have 5 children aged 10 8 6 3 and 2 year old. 3 are at school full time and 2 toddlers. One of the school ages one has extra needs she is dyslexic and we are waiting on a austim assessment. So home schooling her took its toll on me.

I just would like them to help me more around the house but if I ask them to help all I get is why do I need to.