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Hello! I have a daughter named Luna-Rain Imelda and I am currently pregnant with our second daughter! We decided on Ember but are looking to double barrel.
I like Ember-Meadow but my partner isn’t a huge fan of meadow.
Her middle name is most likely going to be Miriam after my great granny. (Imelda is my grandma too).
Any suggestions are welcome as we are a little lost!
We like nature and old time names (I loved Evangeline and cecelia for a girl but they’re now taken and Ezekiel/Evander for a boy), we hate boring or overused names (ironic with luna I know but we gave birth to her just before it hit popularity :see_no_evil:). My partner likes names like astrid or pandora but honestly those types of names are an absolute no go for me I’m not sure why I dislike them so much haha.

Aurora, Felicity, Isadora, Flora, Penelope, Faye

flora, blossom, brooke, pearl, celeste, coral, delphine, dove, fern, fleur, hazel, lark, laurel, lilac, marigold, primrose, nova, ocean, reed, robin, saffron, soleil, star, sunny, wren.

my favourite is blossom !! good luck : ))

Some suggestions:

Ember-River Miriam --Then you’ve got the tie to the Rain in Luna-Rain with an R-name and water theme.

Ember-Leigh Miriam - (Lee spelled however) Lee means meadow

Ember-Rose Miriam - nature/plant name with an R.

Ember-Lark Miriam

Emberleigh is lovely. :heart_eyes: