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How to stick with a routine

Hi I am a mum of three 6 year old,3year old and 8 week old. First child was really easy going went to bed at any time no routine ect but second child is very different works better with routine or she is hard to manage. Have attempted a routine many times and find it works so well with their moods etc but it is extremely hard to have any sort of life when having to be home at certain times ect as the weekend is the only time we have to spend on days out /visiting ect with husband. I am finding it hard as they won’t eat,sleep or behave properly without routine but how can they still have days out party’s ect with a strict routine please help??

It’s harder to have a routine when you’ve got several children, as the more people in the equation, the more variants there are, so the more things to throw it out.

I guess that having a newborn is quite a big change for all of you, so it might take a little while to adjust to any kind of new routine really.

How is your routine during the week? Have you tried having a weekday routine, then relaxing it a bit more at the weekends?

Hi @anonymous6077

I agree with the others I had 3 children and found having a strict routine impossible. I found have a regular shape and pattern to the day worked best. Walking them at the same time each day and meals at regular times and keeping to bedtime routines and bedtimes worked best.

My name is Maggie and I am the Channelmum HV and sleep and parenting specialist. Having a new baby in the mix is very hard and I expect you are are getting a bit of backlash to this from your older children who are also getting used to a new baby in the family and the reality of this.

It sounds like you are being really hard on yourself as you only have one pair of hands. I assume you here a morning routine as you have the school run to do and school pick pop times. Is your 3 year old in nursery? What does your day look like usually? Do you have any family or friends who can help you out?

Many with just one baby of 8 week olds struggle so having 3 under 6 is quite a challenge.

How well are your older children sleeping at night?

Maggie x