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I am concerned about my 11 month old

My 11 month old watchs a commercial on the television that has a nurse with a mask on and it has a song playing in the background ground at one point the lady took off her mask and is talking to her little daughter in a living room and my baby is crying non stop it started from the two nights now and she loves watching TV and never cry before so it’s strange to me…
Anyone ever had this situation before and what’s the reason?

Hi @ashgordon60, babies are complex little beings, so it could be anything triggering the crying. Is she only doing it with this particular tv ad, or has it happened at any other time?

That’s strange. Do you think it could be the song making her cry?

Hi @ashgordon60

It’s probably nothing to be too worried about, maybe just stop her watching that particular thing if it’s triggering her? Its really tricky to work out what is upsetting babies at times so it might just be better to avoid for now.