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I bet your baby is NOT called THIS unpopular name!

The nation’s most unpopular names have been revealed – and not a single baby was given these names last year.

For girls the most unpopular ones were Tammy, Justine and Tracy. And for boys it’s Jeff / Geoff, Melvyn and Graeme.

You can read the full list below – which ones do YOU think will make a comeback?


  1. Jeff / Geoff - 0
  2. Melvyn - 0
  3. Graeme - 0
  4. Piers - 0
  5. Greg - 0
  6. Ken - 3
  7. Clive - 3
  8. Chandler - 3
  9. Niles - 4
  10. Kirk – 4
  11. Ainsley – 5
  12. McCauley – 5
  13. Brett - 8
  14. Grant – 14
  15. Ross - 42


  1. Isis - 0
  2. Tammy - 0
  3. Justine - 0
  4. Tracy - 0
  5. Norma – 3
  6. Carol - 4
  7. Leoni / Leigh - 4
  8. Marlene - 5
  9. Donna - 6
  10. Reese - 6
  11. Rowena - 6
  12. Kelly - 22
  13. Carly – 27
  14. Monica - 31
  15. Ashley - 42

Studies say nine in ten parents would pick unpopular names to stand out – would you do it @all_users ? Or would you be worried what people might think??


I can see a few of those making a comeback! But I agree, there are definitely names that will no longer be used. My mum is called Maureen and we always have a giggle at the idea of a little toddler being called Maureen now, it just doesn’t seem right!

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I’m thinking about getting a puppy and I love
All the boys names for the dog!! :joy::rofl::heart:


Do we have Piers Morgan to blame for the plunging popularity of Piers? Fewer than three families picked the name for their newborn last year!

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Fashion is an interesting thing with names isn’t it? I did wonder if Piers Morgan had anything to do with the unpopularity of this name.

I love unusual names.
I think for boys name will be popular again N.5 Greg.
Gor girls -Justine.
I know some one who name is Grant! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

If some one looking for nice name for girl- Elina -thats my daughter name. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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At the bottom of the list for girls is Isis. Even though it’s a pretty name and used to be popular right up to 2013, sharing your name with a terror group isn’t the best start in life! What can you do if you pick a name that then gets a different meaning???


Some of these have an oldie world feel to them - so I guess that’s likely why they aren’t so popular - my Mum’s first name is Edna, and she has always been known by her middle name she disliked it so much; and that name isn’t there, so I wonder if its making a come back, or is so old, no-one remembers it?!!? I do still love some of the names though - Reese for a girl is wonderfully un-usual, and Kelly is nice too!


I really like the name Reece for a girl, unisex names seem to be in fashion so perhaps it will make a come back.

James is quite a popular choice for a girls name now :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, I love Rowena. I wish the ‘wee’ sound wasn’t so prominent.

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We’re quite surprised the ‘Friends’ names are so unpopular. The show is massive again right now so we reckon it will be hot pick with hipsters and Monica, Ross and Chandler will be right back in fashion soon. Would you pick a Friend’s name for your little one?

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The word pffft comes to mind!

I would! I might not have once upon a time, but now - hell yeah, why not!

I wouldn’t name my child Isis.

I really like most of those names now. Maybe not Piers though.

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Aw I’m Tammy and my mom is Donna. :woman_shrugging::rofl: I must be old. Haha

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I think I would as I quite like Monica and chandler!


I think it’s a lovely name! I’m sure Maureen will be back one day!

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I know 2 Tammys and a few Donnas too.

I think there’s definatly a few more popular boys names on there that I could still see being used like Kirk and Brett! haha!