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Implantation bleeding after period?

Hi everyone, I am busy driving myself crazy! Me and my hubby had unprotected sex on the 15th of April a day before ovulation. I am on the pill but skipped a few days. I then started again after ovulation and had my sugar pills, then my period started )1st of May) by sugar pill number 3. It only lasted for about 3 and a half days (4th of May) and normally I have a 5 day flow. I started cramping and spotting light pink on the 7th of May and it lasted until the 8th. I took a pregnancy test yesterday (10th of May) it was negative, I must mention it was not the morning urine. I read up about testing after implantation and they say you should wait 7 - 12 days after implantation so I will be testing on the 14th again and I will make sure it is the morning urine. Just wondering if anyone else had something like this before?

I must also mention that I checked my cervix and it is high and soft. Normally it is hard and low after a period.

Okay, it could be implantation or it might be something to do with your missed pills, so try testing again and see what happens.

Thank you. I will test on Friday and see if it might be positive :slight_smile:

As @sarapo it could be implantation but it’s so tricky to tell as simply skipping some pills could make your periods irregular or lighter, I agree I would test again to check.

Good luck x

:hugs: Let us know how you get on. x

So I couldn’t wait anymore and tested this morning with a 4 day earlier test and there was a very small line there you can barley see it I pin a picture. Is it just me or can you see it?. I am going for a blood test today just to confirm if it was a dye line or a actual positive.