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Implantation stories please

Anyone ever had implantation that lasted over a few days?
I found out I was pregnant on Monday with a very faint positive pregnancy test. Then Tuesday I started with brown spotting which lasted through to Wednesday. Then Thursday I started bleeding, very light flow. Nothing going into a pad but when I wipe there was blood and this happened Thursday through to Saturday and today I’ve had brown spotting again with a hint of dark red.
I took a pregnancy test Friday morning after bleeding and the line was darker.

I just want to hear other people’s stories as I am concerned about the red bleeding.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @tryingforfirstbaby2020, I don’t think implantation normally lasts quite that long, but then everyone is different, so just because it’s not what people would say was normal, it doesn’t always mean a lot.

Hi @tryingforfirstbaby2020

Congratulations on your pregnancy :heart: Implantation can be different for each person as well as different depending on the pregnancy.

I had no implantation bleeding with my first baby but then with my second I had quite a lot of bleeding ranging in colour from bright red to black. I went on to have a healthy baby in both pregnancies.

Have you got any cramps or anything? How far along do you think you are? xx

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Hi! Thank you! Spotting has pretty much stopped today. Just a tiny bit of brown spotting today with a tinge of red.

Took a pregnancy test this morning after having the bleeding over the past few days and the line is very strong and got a positive on a clear blue digital too. Rang my GP and he said that it’s normal for bleeding this early on but if I am going to have a miscarriage there is nothing I can do to stop it so just got to see how I go. He said I can ring next week and get referred for an early scan if I’m still concerned.

Also, no not really had cramping. Very minor cramping but nothing bad. Just slight twinges here and there x

To me it just sounds like normal twinges and bleeding from implantation, but of course do call them again if you’re worried at any stage.

The pregnancy tests look lovely and strong too :slight_smile: congratulations lovely xx

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That is a lovely strong line! :hugs:

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Thank you so much. Praying that baby stays. Very happy with my strong lines, let’s hope they stay x

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Hi tryingforfirstbaby, similar thing happened to me and this is my 4th pregnancy.
I know my body and was having all the signs of being pregnant again so I did a home test 23,24,25,26 of September and all showed positive light started very faint and got darker. I went to my gp and there urine test come back negative. But I was convince I was pregnant so went for a blood test next day and it was positive and got told I am pregnant but by my HCG levels were low so I’m very early. Then on the 29th September had started with brown spotting and only when I wipe and cramping. Then went to a light red a bit then a bit darker and had some which I thought was clots then back to dark brown then started to disappear and cramping settle down after 2 days . Doctor was concern I might be having a early miscarriage Or it’s a heavy implantation But wasn’t sure as very early and my HCG wasn’t going any higher then 54 and they said I’m only around 4 weeks
Just did ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound and got a appointment with the early pregnancy centre on Friday to get straight answers… it’s been a emotional roller coaster and my partner and I worked out my dates and it works out I’m only like 2 weeks and the dates work out i was ment to be implantation on the 29th if date’s are right . I know in my gut and heart I’m pregnant still and it was implantation. Keep you updated and good luck hopefully you are pregnant thanks


Good luck @Mandimummytobe4. xx

What is Implantation Bleeding?

Implantation bleeding usually happens a week or two after fertilisation has happened, as the egg makes it way down the fallopian tube and into the uterus. As the embryo attaches to the wall of the uterus, it can cause some blood cells to burst which can cause slight bleeding.

The bleeding you see from implantation is usually very light - women often describe it as spotting rather than bleeding. It’s often seen just before your period is due and is usually, but not always, a darker colour that the blood you see in your normal period. It is also sometimes accompanied by a cramping feeling.

It’s very hard to know if you are experiencing implantation bleeding or just normal spotting in the lead up to your period and if you are trying to conceive and you do see some spotting before your period is due, all you can do is wait to see if your period arrives on time and if not, take a test.

Are you experiencing implantation bleeding?
Do share your story to help other mums-to-be. If you haven’t already you will need to register and then come back here and click reply to add your experience.

Newly Pregnant and experiencing bleeding?
Try not to worry, it may be that you are experiencing implantation bleeding as described above. Have a chat with your midwife for some reassurance or call your local early pregnancy unit and ask for some advice. They may just tell you to rest with your feet up and to take a pregnancy test again once the bleeding stops but they may be able to fit you in for a scan to see what’s happening, it will mostly depend on how far along in your pregnancy you think you are.

If you are later in your pregnancy, bleeding lots, seeing clots and feeling pain then call your GP or NHS 111. You can also go to A&E at any sign of problem and push to get a scan.

If you’re unsure you can also post a new thread in this support group to get advice from other mums and our team of parent supporters.

Just last week I was reading all the forms I could find about implantation bleeding. I thought I was definitely pregnant this month because I felt so exhausted and my head was pounding, which I never get headaches so it was the earliest sign, and I had watery CM for the entire tww duration. So I was certain, also my right knee has been aching. until I started bleeding the day my period was due, just very light at first, then the next day heavier and small clots, I was sure that I miscarried, the bleeding slowed down in the evening and Started back up heavily the next afternoon, but no clots this time. And day four slowed down a bit but I had really bad cramps for a few minutes in the evening. Well the bleeding stopped the next day. So I thought all the symptoms I must’ve made up in my head and that I just finished my period. But the next few days I was still having symptoms. My chest felt heavy and food tasted so delicious. Like my taste buds were turned all the way up. And I felt a little nauseated for a few minutes each day, and still super bloated. But about 5 days after the nausea hit me full force. I decided to test. It came back positive.


Hi, I am also going through so many different forms trying to see what early signs there are. I started tracking my ovulation this month and we tried so hard ttc. I made sure to note that implantation bleeding should’ve been around the 30th or 31st. I woke up yesterday morning to spotting. Very light. Then started to progressively get heavier. A tiny clot here and there. I put in a tampon last night and it didn’t leak like it normally would overnight. But it was brownish in color. But continuing to have the same heavier I think of flow. Just not quite as heavy as period. So you seemed to have had what was like a full period?

Hi I had a quick question. I’m trying to have a baby! Baby #1 I missed my period and five days later I had bleeding it’s kind of heavy but I wanted to know if it still be implantation bleeding ?

why am i 18 weeks but supposed to be 22 weeks by my last period but i had implantation bleeding

i have a question for you… u started off bleeding light and pink for a few days then it got a lil red and heavy? thats what happening to me. today i looked, it was red and a lil heavy. not heavy like a cycle tho

First time following my ovulation im 9dpo and period not due till Sunday so 6days away yesterday started with cramping and bleeding light pink today still cramping and now bleeding bright red with Watery consistency enough to put a pad on is it implantation bleeding or a very early period has anyone had anything similar

Am going through the same but am scared to do a test

Not sure what’s happening to my body I had a week of light brown discharge a week before I was supposed to get my period then my period is late by 4 days it then starts and last for 11 days stops after that on day 1,2,3 I had a cramp on my right side of my uterus it went away and I haven’t really felt it anymore after the 11 days I get a burst of energy I’m constipated and I feel like I’ve had a uti for about a week that came out of know where’s my boobs have red lines almost like new stretch marks coming up and and I have a high red since of smell

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Hiya I’m having similar symptoms to what you have to I got my period two weeks ago and I’ve been trying with my boyfriend and yesterday night I went to the toilet was a few spots of blood and today it’s got heavier and darker I thought I was pregnant beacuse I’ve been tired all the time and my boobs are sore but I thought with implation bleeding it’s ament to be spots of blood I’m bleeding a little bit less then a normal period I thought it could be a miscarriage but I’m not sure now what do you think :thinking:

Implantation bleeding can sometimes be more than spotting. Sometimes, it is more like a period, but much lighter.