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Is it weird to call my baby this?

I need help! My partner has suggested the name, let’s say Oliver, for our son, which I like but have reservations based on my ex-best friend has an Oliver who would be about 11ish now. We haven’t been in touch for quite a few years but when her Oliver was born we were very close and I babysat etc… Is it weird to name my baby Oliver? I feel like my friends and family will think it’s a weird choice.

(the name isn’t Oliver, just picked it for anonymity sake)

I personally wouldn’t choose the name of an ex best friends child but if u love it then that’s ur choice whether or not u use it

I do love the name and we agree on very very few names is the thing. We were only teenagers when we were best friends (she had him at 17) and haven’t spoken since our early twenties but it is really putting me off to be honest. I had my heart set on another name that he hated whereas he has his heart set on this name which I do love but can’t commit to because I’m thinking of what everyone will think.

What is it that you think others will think?
It’s probably only you that puts so much weight on your old friend having a son the same name and if you don’t see them anymore, your current friends and family may not even be aware. Why not sound out your mum or some else close to you and see what they think?

We were planning on keeping the sex of the baby as a surprise, I’ve told one friend and she said people can name their children whatever they like, which I do agree with. However a lot of my current friends I also knew the mum of the other ‘oliver’ as I’ve had a similar circle since childhood with a few newbies along the way! I think you’re right though it is mainly me with the issue so perhaps we should think of some other names x