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Hi, my 5 year old seems to experience night sweats. She is fine when she goes to sleep but I often have to replace her thin duvet with a simple blanket a couple of hours later as her hair is all sweaty, her body doesn’t feel wet but perhaps a bit clammy. In the morning, she is back in her duvet and perfectly fine. I keep her room cool to try and help but should I be worried? Thinking back, it’s not new, she’s had this on and off since she was born, I just assumed I’d got the pj/covers combo slightly wrong.

Hi @anonymous5544

Are you based in Hampshire? I ask only because this board is for families in that region whereas other families can use our general Mum SOS board and I just want to make sure your question is seen by the right people.

Given your little one has been having night sweats since birth, it is probably nothing to worry about. Some children just have more sweat glands than others and as their bodies haven’t yet learnt to regulate body temperature as well as an adults yet, they can sweat for no reason or it might be genetics if someone in your family is also a heavy sweater.

Does your daughter sleep okay otherwise and wake up refreshed?

If this was a new thing, it could be down to a cold or infection that your child is fighting off or maybe even night time allergies. If you’re concerned I would advise you to call your GP and ask for some reassurance.

Thanks, yes I’m in Hampshire.

She seems to sleep well. She has always struggled to get to sleep and this is always upset by any change in routine etc but once she’s asleep she does now sleep through and wake up OK (it has been a problem in the past). She’s not really a morning person unless there is something particularly exciting to look forward to that day.

I’m with her with not being a morning person, I do not understand those people who jump out of bed early hours raring to go - I like my bed :slight_smile:

It does sound like it’s just one of those things and nothing to worry about. You can help by making sure her bedding and nightwear is breathable, a natural fabric such as cotton rather than polyester will help keep her cool and less clammy. Keep the temperature in her room cool and use light bedding layers rather than a single heavy duvet.

If she start waking in the middle of the night because she’s too hot and uncomfortable or you find she’s more tired or irritable because she’s not sleeping well then that’s definitely an indicator to see your GP just to be on the safe side but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind having a chat with you anyway if you’d rather find out more now.