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Looking for support with your Mental Health?

If somebody asked you how you’re feeling today, you’d probably tell them you’re fine. But are you really fine? We have two free courses on Channel Mum, one focusing on anxiety and the other a more general look at mental health, plus lots of other support to help you feel balanced and give yourself some self care when you need it.

Do read through the articles and watch the videos but if that’s too overwhelming right now please feel free to pop a reply below with any questions you have.

Start here with our two quizzes

These are not a replacement for the full in depth questionnaire your health visitor or GP may take you through if you tell them you’re struggling but they do help as an indicator and help you think in a bit more depth about how you’re feeling.

Struggling with Anxiety?

Struggling with other mental health issues?

Other tools to help you manage your mental wellbeing