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Lost ....i think

Dont even know why i am on here typing but “lost” is the only way i can decribe how i have been feeling for a long time since having my 6month old. It could be covid, but im unsure. Im not sad so i dont think im depressed. Im just not me, and im trying everything to make me feel better - exercise, healthier eating, me time, seeing family and friends etc… dont get me wrong i can sit with them and laugh and have fun but then all of a sudden i just get a drained feeling and i start to think ‘come on snap out of it theres nothing wrong with you’…
Sorry bit long winded, i just dont know how else to decribe it. Sometimes if im with someone il wish right then and there they would ask me if im ok and id say i dont know

I’m sending you a hug, but I really don’t know what to suggest apart from doing something nice to perk yourself up a bit more.

Do you have any hobbies?

Hi @anonymous6065

I know you said that you don’t think this is depression but this is how depression can appear sometimes - you don’t have to be desperately unhappy to be depressed.

Have you spoken to a friend or partner about how you’re feeling? Or your GP/Health Visitor? I know it’s not easy to open up about this kind of thing but there are many women who feel similarly to how you’re feeling.

You said you’re trying different things to feel better which is great and it may take time for those things to take effect and for you to feel more like yourself again, or at least a new version of you. I think personally, if it were me, I’d think about a chat with your health visitor just considering the fact that these strategies aren’t working at the moment. Like I said, these feelings are very common but it may be that you need a little bit of extra support which is absolutely okay.

Sending you lots of love, I hope you’re okay today - have you got anything planned today?

Rhian x

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Its not something i feel all the time, and i know no one around me would see anything wrong, that’s why i haven’t spoke to anyone about it. It’s just sometimes or times when i’m alone and i worry then that i’m not myself, but then 5 minutes later i feel fine again. I think maybe once i get back to normality that i will feel more myself, i don’t want to be offered medication that’s why i don’t want to go to GP and from what i can see any other options can be on a long waiting list. I suppose i just wanted to put it out there here