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Milk intolerance?

Hi my daughter is almost 4 weeks old and from day 2 at home we had such unsettled periods of crying from her … esp after feeding! The midwives said they thought she was colic and then another said I’ll intolerant so we started her on prescription milk which settled her a bit! However she was still unsettled after feeds and also squealing for a few hours at night so they started her on Gaviscon for silent reflux but it never helped! She’s now been started on a dose of omeprazole every morning for silent reflux! She’s been having sometimes 9 - 10 dirty nappies a day almost one after every bottle so now I’m considering taking her off the prescription milk and trialing her back on normal formula as I’m not convinced she is milk intolerant! Sorry for the long post but do any other mums have any advice or similar experiences please ?

I had trouble with my baby when she was newborn. She was always fussing with feeds & was unsettled & crying for hours afterwards. I was told she had colic & reflux. I was recommended to change bottles… I was using tommee tippee & changed to mam. That helped a little. I then changed her milk from the original cow & gate to the cow & gate comfort milk. It’s thicker & settled my baby alot. Only problem was she started projectile vomitting after every feed. We then tried gaviscon & omeprazole, both made my baby worse so at 10 weeks the doctor prescribed alimentum similac for an allergy… She was still quite sick so she now has carobel prescribed aswell which is a thickener. She’s barely sick anymore & doesn’t fuss or cry when she is fed. She’s 20 weeks tomorrow. Maybe try changing bottles 1st & then asking for carobel if ur baby is still no better? It’s definitely helped us :slight_smile: good luck

Hello @carlagirvan

So sorry to hear what you are coping with it sounds very stressful for all of you. My name is Maggie and I am the Channelmum HV and sleep and parenting specialist. I am assuming from what you say you see your GP about this. Your GP and HV are best placed to support and advise you on this. They know you and your baby and can also monitor their growth and weight development.

Have you spoken to your HV. I would not suggest changing milks or medication without first talking to you HV or GP. The reason for this is there may be more that milk intolerance going on and it is best to seek the advice of your professionals to untangle and diagnose what may be going on here.

Have you heard of organisation below called living with reflux which has some to the world’s top paediatric gastroenterologists and dieticians behind it. It provides straightforward honest evidence based advice for parents on coping with a baby/child with reflux.

They have lots of great leaflets for coping with this for babies under one and the different treatment options. It helps if you can understand the process and the treatments, so you feel confident to ask for more help,

Gaviscon can cause diarrhoea or constipation so it is best to go back to your GP

Do ask further questions

Maggie xx

We had a very similar experience it sounds like! Our baby boy was very colicky and had reflux. We went to the doctor numerous times, changed formula, breastfed, changed bottles, and went to specialist… it was exhausting. We ended up using and plant based formula and used settled on the Dr. Browns bottle and burped him every feeding! When we transitioned him to more solid food we slowly started to see improvements. He finally started to grow out of the colic and reflux around 7 months. He’s 10months now and doing so much better! He’s a good eater, outgrown reflux, and is so happy! Hang in there! :yellow_heart:

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Hi @coriejean

It sounds like you had quite an exhausting ordeal with him, I am so pleased to hear he has outgrown it and is happy now. Experiences from mums who have lived and survived and come out the other end are so helpful and hopeful :two_hearts:

Thank you

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