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My issue of my mom

Mom last period ,she can’t see my uncles and my aunties she turns her head in front of them i ask her why she did that she said ‘that’s not me i don’t want to turn my head but i did’ the last time when she sees my aunties she runs to our home and
start being terrified and crying and i ask her again why you did that she said again ‘i don’t want to but i did it’ and one day she said to me ’ that she was with my dad’s car and my father is bying bread she can’t breath and she calls my father very fast to come into the car then after awhile she start breathing again ’ and there is also one more time when we had some touches in our house and i find her in the kitchen her head turn to blue and viliot and saying ‘ihhhhhhihhh’ very hard to be honest i did nothing but i let her i act like nothing happening and help her at kitchen and after awhile she return normale
please help me i am her daughter i don’t know how to help her …

It sounds like your mom is having panic attacks. Has she contacted a GP?

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Hi @matrouhichrak254

Sorry to hear our mum is struggling with feeling anxious - @annieme it does sound like your mum might be having panic attacks. It would be good if you could get her to speak to her GP about this so she can get some profession help and support with it.

My name is Maggie and I am the Channelmum HV. I am going to post some links for you about panic attacks, what they are and how to manage them. In the link below there is lots of great information on anxiety and the excellent free anxiety course we have.

You are doing the right thing posting here and you are obviously a very caring daughter. The best thing to do when your Mom is like this is too stay calm, speak softly and gently to her and get her to take some slow deep breaths or do belly breathing which will help her to breath more deeply and give her something else to focus on. If you get her to put her hands on her belly and breathe in so she can feel her belly move under her hands and then breath out slowly so she can feel her hands move inwards. Get her to do 10 of these gradually taking longer and deeper breaths.