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My partner says I’m too loose!

I’m a mum of 3, and recently, my partner has been complaining that I’m too loose down below, since having baby number 3!

Now, although it might be true, it’s not exactly the sort of thing that is going to boost my confidence and I’m kind of pissed off at him about it.

Has anyone else had this sort of comment from their partner? How did you deal with it?

Oh no that sounds like it was at best pretty tactless on his part.

I would honestly sit down and talk to him, tell him that you feel upset at his comments. You’ve given him 3 amazing kids and of course it isn’t going to be the same but hurtful comments aren’t going to help.

I don’t expect he would be too enthralled if you started telling him his penis is too small.

I hope you aren’t dwelling too much on it x

Maybe his penis is just too small :woman_shrugging:t2:

In all seriousness though, I’m sorry he has said this to you. It’s hurtful and inappropriate. Tell him how this comment has made you feel, because he needs to know that it was wrong to do so. How would he like it if you made comments about his body for something he cannot change ?

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I’m really sorry for you! Recently my partner told me that he doesn’t feel like having sex with me because i’m too fat ( we have a little boy who is 12 months old and i haven’t managed to lose the baby weight yet) so i absolutely know how you feel.
It’s just so awful when they can’t appreciate what our bodies have been trough and just love the “new” us.
Big hugs x

Get rid of that pencil dk p*k in an instant. How dare he say that to you. Never let anyone speak to you like that. There is nothing wrong with you or your vagina but there is definitely something wrong with him. Sounds like a waste of space. Much love to you and chin up. Kick his nuts and get rid of him!


What an awful thing to say! I am a mother of three and I worry that things aren’t the same down there. I would be mortified if my husband had said that to me. Your body has done amazing things for your family - he should be proud of you!

Yes your body is different but it doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing! Explain to him how much he has hurt you and how the comment has affected you. I hope you appreciate how wonderful your body is and hopefully, he will start to appreciate and admire it xxx

I would have serious concerns about staying with someone who made comments like that. He should love you for you and give you respect you deserve. Sometimes men can be thoughtless. I would talk to him and tell him how you feel and I agree with Carol Ann Bell that if he doesn’t buck up then he wont be staying. If my partner did this id be more than a little fed up id be livid.

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Oh man what an idiot he is! I’d be saying to Mr small penis that he can go stick it where the sun doesnt shine (not Litrally) no sex for you Mr!!! Some men are just so insensitive we are already so vulnerable about our body’s after having kids. How would he like it if you kept saying his penis was just too small. Chin up and let him squirm for a couple of months. You made 3 beautiful human beings remember that. X

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The vagina is a muscle it stretches but it doesn’t stay loose. Your vagina becomes wetter and wider during arousal. He needs to wind his neck in and be a little more sensitive.

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Tell him you aren’t too loose; tell him he must have shrunk!


I know you can’t just leave him your a family that is a super big deal to a mother we suffer alot for our children and their future. And having a complete family is so rare now. I have went through the same i have six my husband says it every time he gets mad and I just say ok that’s fine thank you. Lol i know it’s not tough of me but I’m not leaving my children fatherless because he says stuff i don’t like. I mean at the end of the day we all will be judged by the same judge and i just try to do the right thing no matter how wrong someone else may be