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Naming Ceremony


I was wondering of anyone has advice on a naming ceremony? I have gone back and forth with this for a while.
My partner and I don’t want to have our child christened as we aren’t religious and it would all feel very fake to us. I know some family members may have an issue with this therefore I am thinking of doing a small naming ceremony with “guideparents”. I just want to know if anyone has done it how you arranged it?
We aren’t the type who like a big fuss and just want something quite simple and small. Thanks! X

I considered doing a naming ceremony, but was put off by the cost and just had the shortest ever Christening known to man, minus hymns and everything else.

I don’t blame you for wanting something small, but special for your baby, but from what I’ve seen, the alternatives to having a christening are quite expensive. You could look into a humanist ceremony, instead of a civil naming ceremony, but I don’t think they are all that cheap either.