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Nap transition 2 to 1

My baby is 13 month and was always an ok sleeper, he would normally sleep alone in crib and throughout the night most nights.
For the past 3 weeks he’s been having a really hard time at bedtime, won’t settle alone, if I leave the room he will cry and scream, before he would sleep in 5 min and now is 30 min! Plus he wakes up every night at least 2-3 times.
He’s on 2 naps, and I tried capping the first one to 45 min, and it doesn’t work. So I’m wondering is it’s time to transition to one nap.
If yes how can I do it if his normal wake time is 6am? I’m afraid if I have to move bedtime to 6pm he will wake up around 5am.
He’s schedule normally is:
Wake 6/6:15am
Nap 1 9:15/9:30 - 1hr
Nap 2 14-14:30 - 1 hr
Bedtime - 19:30

I also tried extending his wake windows and still not working. Any advice I would greatly appreciate!
Thank you

I am trying to remember when my little boy changed to one nap a day, but I think it was about 13 months.
Does your baby have trouble falling asleep for his naps, too? If so, I would definitely cut it down to one. I remember cutting it down to one when falling asleep would take my boy so long it was driving me crazy and I wanted to reduce the agony for both of us by having less falling asleep times lol.

My boy was never a good sleeper and always needed me to be with him to fall asleep, so I think I haven’t seen so much of a difference in terms of him not settling on his own. However, I am aware that separation anxiety can really kick in around your babies age and later, so it might be that? If so, I think the best remedy is patience and just wait until he feels more secure again, which I don’t think you can rush, it’s just part of their development. With time and doing what you know works for him, he will surely get back to his normal routine of falling asleep and settling quickly.

In terms of bedtime I think there are different opinions if an earlier or later bed time is better. My boy never went to bed before 8pm and often 8:30pm (it just fits our home schedule better), but as a pay off usually sleeps until 7am or longer in the morning! He is 2.5 though. I think when he was younger he would wake up earlier, but never before 6am!

I would just give it a go to go to one nap and perhaps make that longer if baby wants to sleep longer and do it as late as possible in the morning/early afternoon and maybe keep bedtime at 7/7:30m if possible. If you feel your baby is overtired after a week, you can always go back to two naps again for a while or change bedtime!

Apart from that, just do what causes you and baby the least stress (it sometimes takes a while to figure out), i.e. stay with baby for a little longer to fall asleep if it means less crying and just use it as relax time or read something if possible and be less stressed about the changes and soon enough I am sure it will all settle itself. Probably just a developmental phase!

How are things now @paulabastos0601? I found that there was an awkward period with both of my children where they may not have been ready for a single nap, but were also beginning to struggle at bedtime as a result of too much daytime sleep.

I did wonder if your little one could be overtired at all? It sounds strange but sometimes if they don’t get enough sleep, they can also struggle at bedtime.

Let me know how things are now x

Hi Rhian! Thank you for the message!
It’s still not good, he continues to wake up 2x every night, and still takes long to sleep at bedtime.
I tried doing 4/4.25/3.30 wake windows and 1hr each nap and it didn’t help.
I think he’s overtired because he cries every time
I have to wake him up from a nap. But if I don’t do this his bedtime will be super late and he will wake up at 6am anyway (or before).
At least the days he has one nap I let him sleep as long as he wants, usually 2-2.5hr but bedtime is still long and the wakes up continues.
I really don’t know what else to do :disappointed: