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Nappies in zante?!?


Bit of a strange question but has anyone been to zante and seen/bought size 7 nappies in the supermarkets?
I know that there is a Lidl’s but they only go up to size 6 in nappies

We are due to go on holiday in may (if covid allows) and my daughter is in a larger size of nappies and we are just wondering if we can buy some out there instead of packing loads

Thankyou in advance

I don’t know. If it was me, I’d probably take some with me.

If it was smaller sized nappies, then maybe I’d just take my chances, but size 7 nappies are hard enough to get over here, so I wouldn’t want to go and find out that I spent half my holiday chasing around, just looking for nappies.

Yes i think I may just take them with me

Thanks for the advice