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Nervous about weaning!?! Is it only me

Hi all,

My son is 23 weeks old, I’ve started to slowly wean him so he can taste textures of different kinds and flavours. He is doing well hes able to move his tounge around in his mouth doing just as he should… HOWEVER for some strange reason I’m soooo anxious and nervous when it comes to it like I don’t know why I feel this way I should be able to enjoy this moment but for some reason I’m constantly thinking is he full is it right for him and you know a crazy MOM overthinking the smallest of things… am I the only one just making a big issue out of it …

I’m trying to just go with flow and also let my little one just go at his own pace but it’s just I’m over thinking it too much ?!

I think that weaning nerves affect a lot of mums, but there is so much help and advice out there these days, it’s actually not so bad once you start reading up on it. x

I felt nervous too and I think it’s normal to feel like that as it’s a huge step, I would just say to try not to overthink it.

Are you feeling nervous because of any particular reason? If you can identify why you’re feeling nervous, maybe you could look to do something to help with that. I was worried about the choking risk so I took a baby first aid course that covered choking and CPR.

Weaning can be loads of fun but I totally understand the nerves :heart: