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Nursery/School fear

My son is going to be 3 in october. I know it would be good for him to go to nursery, and i want him to. But I am terrified. The kind that, and I’m not exaggerating, needs medication. I mean he’ll be more out of the house than in the house when he starts. What if someone kidnaps him or if he misses me? I don’t want to pass these fears on to him, so I definitely need some kind of outside help. Has anyone else experienced this?

It’s normal to worry, but you sound like you are quite an anxious person, so maybe check the nursery out first, and you could ask them for a tour, so you can see how secure their premises are.

This might sound crazy but have you considered getting your toddler a GPS tracker (eg. in a form of a watch or a clip-on) so that when you are feeling worried you can just check where he is?

Have you spoken to you GP about how you’re feeling? It sounds like you’re experiencing a lot of anxiety.

Hi @clairek90

I think I is natural to have anxiety over big changes in your child’s life. However, if this anxiety/fear is really starting to interfere with your life and become intrusive then it is worth having a chat with your GP or health visitor to get some help and support with this.

My name is Maggie and I am the Channelmum HV. Is it just this aspect of him going to nursery that is affecting you? Has anything every happened in either your life of his that might have caused you to be more anxious over this. Sometimes these fears are rooted in past events.

It sounds like you are really struggling with your anxiety so I am going to share a link to your anxiety course and toolkit that I hope you will find useful. However, this is not a substitute for professional help.

if you live in England you can self refer for free psychological help through the NHS see the link below. Through this you acces talking therapies, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), counselling, other therapies, and guided self-help for common mental health problems, like anxiety and depression

I hope this helps

Maggie x