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Online antenatal classes

Does anyone know if pregnant mums can do antenatal classes online during the coronavirus lockdown?

HI Anonymous

The Positive Birth Movement are running online antenatal groups during lockdown. You can click here to find a list of local groups I’m sure there will be other independent groups dotted around who are offering the same too.

We have our own version of antenatal groups in our Online Due Date Clubs, these gives mums a chance to talk to other mums-to-be, due the same time as them and chat about symptoms and how they’re feeling which is a really valuable part of an antenatal group. Our team support the group with expert advice & videos to answer any questions so if you haven’t already, please do click here and join yours now.

The one thing you can’t really do online which is the best thing about antenatal sessions run by your local midwife is look around your local hospital maternity ward and labour suite but you may be able to find an online tour or at least pictures if you google it.

Is there anything in particular you’re wanting to get from an antenatal class that we could maybe help you with?