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Please can anyone help?

Hello, so I took a co op test last night which showed an EXTREMELY faint line, so this morning I went and got a clearblue pack of 2 and took one this morning at about 1130 so not FMU.

Anyway I took another tonight and I’ve got a faint line which has got darker… I even took it apart because I wasn’t sure if it was a evaporation line… it’s definitely blue and it’s definitely where it should be :joy:

Has anyone get any advice or opinions…

Pics attached of co op test, clearblue immediately after taking and shortly after… and the cracked open test :grimacing::rofl:

Ok I don’t know how to add a photo :joy:

Hi @Emily1209, it’s sounding hopeful.

Anyway, regarding adding photos, try this…

How to upload a photo

If you’re on your phone, there is a little picture icon on the toolbar in the text box, click on that, it will then open another window and let you select the image.

Once you’ve selected and uploaded the image, you’ll see a line of text in the text box, don’t delete the text, then you can continue the message.

Hello! Thank you!!

Here we go…

I then did another one tonight and left it for the full 10 mins with a timer and it looks like this…

I don’t have much luck with tests and I really think these are playing tricks!!!

It looks like there might be the faintest line on the first one, but I can’t see anything on the other one.

It’s so hard to tell sometimes.