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Possible Baby Name Regret

Loved my baby girls name all through my 3rd trimester & went with it when she was born - Bella Brooke. I thought it sounded really pretty, especially with the alliteration of her first & last name together. Shortly after she was born, I started to wonder if I’d made the wrong choice. :pensive: Is it too common? Recently finding out that it’s the most common name for dogs isn’t helping. Hoping to get some positive feedback here. :sunflower:

I think that’s such a lovely name.

I wouldn’t take much notice of the fact it’s supposed to be popular as a dog’s name. I bet it’s not as well-used as they say it is, plus you can never tell how many people even entered the survey, it might have only been a couple of hundred people.

Hi @anonymous6025

I think it is a beautiful name and I would not worry a jot about surveys on common names and what folk call their dogs! Fashion is SO fickle I would not be swayed by this at all.

What matters is what YOU think you loved it and chose so banish all doubts and just enjoy your baby girl.

The ChannelMUm HV.

Thank you!! Talked to my husband about it & he basically said the same. We do both still really like it. I think I just worry she’ll be teased, but I worry about everything- that’s our job isn’t it? Silly though. Some kids will tease about anything. Can’t plan her life around that kind of fear.

Don’t pay any attention to a silly survey. You picked your baby’s name because you liked it and obviously, it suits your baby, or you wouldn’t have kept it.

Names are what we make them. :hugs:

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Bella is so pretty. I used to know a couple of Bellas.

It actually makes me think of the Twilight films, but they aren’t all that popular now, so there won’t be all that many people who would think Twilight.

I really don’t think anyone would associate your child’s name with doggy names.

I have a Bellavive! And she’s my little Bella, a name meaning beautiful can hardly be claimed by dogs. :relaxed: Bella Brooke sounds like a movie star.

I wouldn’t worry, our daughter is named Luna-Rain and luna is very popular for pets and in general recently. A few of our friends have dogs/cats named luna too. Honestly I think we pick the names we do for a reason, I’m not madly in love with the name anymore but it was meant to be her name just like your daughters. :orange_heart: