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Reflux milk & runny poop

My LO is only 1 week old, he was originally breast fed but was sick constantly so we decided to move him to formula. He was on aptamil, but has reflux so he’s now on aptamil anti reflux and has been for about 3 days. The reflux is sorted, but he’s pooping a ridiculous amount. It’s yellow and extremely runny. I have to change him before a feed and then after as I can tell he’s filled his nappy again. I phoned my midwife for advice as I feel he’s pooping too much, it literally runs out him, but she said it’s normal. He’s well in himself and doesn’t seem to have a sore stomach when passing the poop. My older son was on ant reflux and it constipated him so I really didn’t expect it to do the opposite to this little one. Any advice would be much appreciated!

Congratulations on your new baby @Jft1. I didn’t use anti-reflux milk, but I think my last baby had runny poo in the first few weeks too.

Thank you for the reassurance. My first son didn’t poop for over 2 weeks after birth so I suppose I didn’t know what to expect as normal for the first few weeks since he skipped that stage!

Hi @Jft1

My daughter was on anti reflux milk and we also saw an increase in her bowel movements and it was more runny.

I would say wait and see if it settles down but keep an eye on him and if it doesn’t settle down it might be worth seeing the doctor. You can also give your HV a call in the meantime and ask for some advice?

I found that my daughter settled with her milk after about 2-3 weeks but we went through plenty of nappies in that time.


My daughters had reflux until they were both 18 months. The constant changing of clothes when trying to get out of the door. The constant sickness was so exhausting. Did anyone else have the same concerns/problems?