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Removing side of cotbed

We are considering removing the side of our 2.5year olds cot bed. We have a baby due august so don’t know if it’s better to do now.

Any tips or advice in doing this?

Do I do this first time for a nap or bedtime? I assume bedtime. Would adding a bumper to the side be a good idea? It’s an attachment I can get for the cot bed

He such a good sleeper so want to make sure we get it right

Thanks for any advice

Is it like a bed guard sort of thing @tartanlady? Having a bed guard really helps keep little ones from falling out.

We waited until our girls were both at least 3 before removing the sides so it’s a bit different but we just swapped them into toddler beds/single beds straight away. I bought one of these for the side of the bed facing into the room…

Then I also made sure to buy a bed with a rail against the wall too, so that meant there was no gap between the bed and wall (skirting boards can sometimes mean there’s a gap). We had a snuzkot for my second and that came with toddler be guards so we just put those on her cot when removing the sides.

I found it much easier than I anticipated with both girls, we let them see us changing the cot into a bed and had them choose their bedding too, they did get out at first but we just took them back to bed and said goodnight again, both of them only ever got out a few times and once they knew we wouldn’t allow that, they stayed in their bedrooms.

I just feel a bit of pressure with a baby on the way to do it. But is it easier if I wait until he is 3 but baby would only be a few months old

If you don’t feel that he’s old enough, then I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to wait a bit longer. x