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Royal Baby Name Predictions

Harry and Meghan are just weeks away from becoming parents for the first time – and whatever name they choose for Baby Sussex, it’s sure to spark the biggest baby name trend of the year.

While the bookies are predicting the pair pick a traditional choice like Alice or Elizabeth for a girl and Arthur or Philip for a boy, our Channel Mum baby names expert SJ Ljungstrom disagrees!

She says: “Harry and Meghan are loud and proud feminists – and may well choose trendy over traditional.”

Some of SJ’s suggestions include Seth or Theo for a boy and Maya or Liberty for a girl.

See if your little one’s name is on the Harry and Meghan baby name prediction list by watching our fun video above.

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I think they’ll stay traditional with a name that has a long history of use, but use something a little quirky for a girl. My money is still on Diana for a little girl but if they decide not to name the baby after Harry’s mother, I think it will be Classical Greek or Latin - Ariadne or Helena would be nice picks. As for a boy, I think Seth is too trendy and Theo/Theodore too common. I think their boy picks will be less unusual and I can see them using Arthur or Philip - Pip - as predicted.

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Maybe River?

Phillip or James.

I don’t think they’ll pick names that Kate and William were expected to use.

Eric? Bruce?

Henry (not Harry).

It looks like it could be a baby Diana.




Harriet or Amelie.

I’d like to see them name their baby, ‘Cassandra’.

Edwin would be a cool name.