Teething help



My three month old is suffering really bad at the moment with his teeth and I was wondering if anyone has any remedies that helped them to cope ? Calpol or bonjela doesn’t seem to do the trick and I often spend hours just rocking him trying to calm him down! Any help would be greatly appreciated ?


Have you tried Anbesol? Teething granules?

Lots of people recommend amber teething anklets but I’m not sure they actually do anything? Plus for me I’d be concerned one of the beads would come off and become a choking hazard so we never tried them.

I would say Nurofen would be better than Calpol for teething as it reduces inflammation but I’d be wary of giving it too often, I’d save it for the really bad days.

We had the most success using a combination of teething toys, Anbesol, teething granules and nurofen x



My name is Maggie and I am a health visitor and sleep and parenting specialist who works with ChannelMum. In addition to the excellent advice Rhian has given have a look here https://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/pregnancy-and-baby/Pages/teething-tips.aspx and take a look at the Channelmum information and tips on this here https://www.channelmum.com/parenting/baby/baby-health/baby-teething/

Take care

Maggie xx


Another tip would be to get those freezable teething toys. They helped my daughter alot when she was little. <3 Hope he gets through it quickly and his teeth come up without too much trouble x