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Tell us about your experience discussing nutrition before/during or after pregnancy - opportunity to win a £20 Amazon voucher

Survey on experience discussing nutrition with healthcare professionals before during and after pregnancy
Hello! I am a researcher and PhD student from the University of Southampton. We are currently surveying women who are pregnant, recently pregnant, or planning a pregnancy to explore how healthcare professionals can support women to change their diet. We have developed a checklist that can be used in clinics as part of routine consultations, and the survey is to check if that would be acceptable for women living in the UK.

We really value your time, this takes about 20 mins on average.
If eligible, You will be offered a chance to be included in a prize draw to win one of five £20 Amazon vouchers.
This is an anonymous survey and your name/ contact details will not be requested and leaving your email address to participate in the prize draw is optional.
Click here for the survey:
The study Facebook page: @UKFIGOcheckliststudy
Thanks in advance, Dr Chandni Jacob :blush:
Ethics approval number: ERGO 61724.A1.R2