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The definitive list of 'Marmite' baby names is in

Picked a baby name you love but others loathe? You are NOT alone! Over two thirds of parents say they shortlisted a ‘marmite name’, which people either love or hate.

Our baby names expert @sj-strum has crunched the stats and the most controversial baby names list is below – but we LOVE most of them!! How about you? Let us know below.

The study showed Mother-in-laws are the ones most likely to snipe at baby name choices with almost half of us facing name choice criticism - but one in five father-in-laws have a pop too. What did your inlaws think of your name choices?

But the good news is 94% go on to use the marmite names they love, @sj-strum said: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a name which delights one person won’t work for another.
“The days of having a few safe – and dull – baby names to choose from are long gone. There are over 60,000 baby names in use in the UK and this number is ballooning year-on-year as parents seek unique monikers, so it’s likely even more names will be added to the Marmite list.
“But the best name rule is if you love it, go for it, but do check that the child’s full name initials don’t spell something silly, and, of course make sure it won’t open up your child to ridicule.”


  1.    Jaxon / Jaxxon
  2.    Felix
  3.    Harrison
  4.    Oscar
  5.    Alfie
  6.    Henry
  7.    Leonard
  8.    Fox
  9.    Eden
  10.   Mackenzie


  1.    Chloe
  2.    Lola
  3.    Stella
  4.    Winter
  5.    Margot
  6.    Agnes
  7.    Megan / Meghan
  8.    Scarlett
  9.    Emmie
  10.   Olive

What do you think of this list of names? Would you chose any?

We’ve got a whole area dedicated to Baby Names on Channel Mum and you can see where your children’s names are in the top lists for the past year too:

I LOVE most of these names :rofl::heart: but then when we named our second daughter, people in our family were not keen at all as it’s slightly different.

I don’t think family members should pass comment anyway really, it’s not their baby :confused:


Haha, nobody has ever said my name was controversial before :rofl::rofl:

Which one surprised you all most?!? Some people absolutely LOVE these names while many other people had off-putting associations which lead them the opposite way. SJ x

My youngest boy is called Jaxom, i named him that before there were so many Jaxon’s about and he was actually named for a character in my fabourite book series who just happened to be born prematurely, fought for his life and became one of the lost important people in that world…now my Jaxom nearly came early (i went into labour at 29 weeks but it was stopped) and when he was born (at term) it was via emergency c-section as his heart rate vanished, he’s doing amazingly at school, is on the council, and wants to change the world so its a fitting name for my boy i thought

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I can’t imagine a baby called Agnes. AGNES?!

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I love the name Agnes! Just shows how names can be marmite!!!

Ah what a lovely reason for calling him that name. Does he like his name? My mum has a marmite name and loves it. My cousin was given it as a middle name and can’t stand it and refuses to use it. I said I was thinking of using it as a middle name and she begged me not to - said she was mercilessly taunted at school.

The name is… PRISCILLA! A proper marmite name but I love it :joy::grinning:

What does everyone else think of it?

Yeah he loves it and the reasons behind it. Can’t say the same for my older boys though, they hate their names, Stephen, Jacob and Zachary.

I think Jaxon is such a cool name - I love it :slight_smile: and the meaning behind it makes it even more special @n.scott34 :heart:

I am shocked about Alfie, Henry and Chloe - they all seem relatively ‘normal’!


How do names like Alfie and Henry end up on a list with the likes of Fox and Felix?!

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I’m not too fussed on MacKenzie, but then again I’m sure others won’t like what I named my kids. It’s all about personal taste isn’t it?

What’s wrong with Stella?

I love Felix, Henry, Stella and Margot!

What does everyone think about the name Barbara I absolutely love it

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We named our little girl Frances, we both love it. We got a few raised eyebrows from different people. My Nan told me it’s an old persons name!

My son is Henry. What is controversial about it?!? I’ve never heard anything like this :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Unique names are beautiful just as much as the “normal” ones. I have a 3 year old named Ivy which everyone loves but when we come to name our now 12 week old boy everyone hated the name we picked. We named him Huxley and even grandparents made silly remarks and jokes! My response was you had your chance to name your children what you wished and now it’s my turn , stand your ground you won’t regret it and eventually names will grow on others quicker than you anticipate x :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I actually love them all!