What would you have done?


What should you do if you scraped someone else’s car, but they weren’t around and there were no witnesses?

My FIL scraped a car in a car park and just drove off, because he said that there wasn’t anyone around and he didn’t know when the owners would be coming back. MIL said he should have left a note, but he said he didn’t have a pen or a piece of paper and the scrape wasn’t that bad.


Always leave a note. It’s not ok to damage someone’s property and then swan off. Having no paper etc is not an excuse. You could re park, get out and go to a shop to ask for a pen a paper to leave info. It’s also not up to the person who causes the damage to decide if iys bad or not as they will be biased.

I don’t think it’s the worst thing in the world to do but it’s equally not ok. Plus I’d the carpark has CCTV and the damaged cats owner requests the footage he could get into trouble for not reporting it and such


I think you have to put yourself in the car owners shoes, if you had popped to the shops to return to find your car damaged and no note how would you feel? You then either claim on your insurance and are penalised forever more in premiums, pay for the repair yourself, or have to leave your car unprepared. I personally think it is pretty awful and I would never drive off after hitting someones car, aside from the moral aspects it is actually an offence to leave the scene of an accident however minor.