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Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

Hello. I am 36 years old and TTC. I have been married for 7 months now and we are struggling to get pregnant. I just dont know what could be wrong. I monitor my ovulation every month, and we do the baby dance whenever I have peak readings on OPK. I have a regular period (28 to 32 days cycle), it almost comes like clockwork every month. I do have PCOS but i do not have the usual symptoms. I have been taking metformin for pcos for a year now, and folic acid for the last 7 months. The only reason I could think of is maybe my monthly period is a bit scanty, it only lasts for 2 days and barely fill a pad. I mostly just wear panty liners during my periods. Aside from that, I think I am perfectly okay, but I still plan on having an OB check me up. I just want to know if there’s someone here that has issues the same as me and still got pregnant. Thank you.

Hi, I have pcos and it took me a long while to fall pregnant. I had my daughter at 26 after over 2 years of fertility drugs… Then became pregnant completely naturally as soon as my first period came back after having her :exploding_head:. The body is a strange thing!

It sounds like although you’re ovulating (are you sure that you are?) and menstruating you maybe don’t have the right hormone balance going on so given that you know you have pcos, it’s definitely worth seeing a specialist. They usually say to wait 12 months but I think you can do that after 6 months of ttc with pcos.

Good luck! I know these 7 months have felt like forever but this is still quite early on in your journey. It can take people with no fertility issues a while to conceive, you’ll get there in the end :heart:

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thank you very much for your reply. I am using ovulation prediction kits and fertility app (flo and femometer), based on the results, I do ovulate, unless the kits alone is not enough to prove that I am really ovulating.

May I just ask what fertility drugs did you take and for how long? I am metformin and continuously taking folic acid as well.

I might also visit a specialist this weekend to check if there is something wrong with me. I am really worried, but not losing hope :slight_smile:

Have you heard of ovusense? It’s brilliant for pcos sufferers. It is much more accurate at detecting ovulation… Ovulation prediction kits don’t always work with pcos as we sometimes have spikes in temp and hormone but don’t necessarily release an egg each time if that makes sense. The flo app also goes off the assumption that you have a 2 week luteal phase which isn’t true for everyone. Even with drugs I ovulate on day 21 and had an 18 day luteal phase.

I was on metformin a few years beforehand, and while it can improve fertility it’s not classed as a fertility drug. Folic acid is to prepare your body for the extra requirement but doesn’t actually boost your fertility itself.

I had several rounds of clomid and two of letrozole/femara as well as a HSG.

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I havent heard of ovusense, but just googled it now. Sounds pretty useful and more promising than depending on OPK’s. Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Its just frustrating to know that I might not be ovulating at all even though OPK’s detected ovulation :cry: . I just wonder, if I had my period on day 1, OPK will detect ovulation peak on day 15 to 18 (based on past 4 months record). Then after ovulation, i will get my period after 14 to 15 days… It just confuses me, how I get peak ovulation on specific days of my cycle but still cant rely on OPK’s just because I have PCOS?

Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t mean they’re not working for you just that they don’t always work for everyone! That does sound pretty promising rehat you are likely ovulating at the right time. When we were ttc, I also used a lube called preseed which helps the sperm swim to where they need to be! X

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@annieme, you have really been helpful. Thank you very much for all of your insights and suggestions regarding my issues. I have an appointment with my OB this weekend, I am really hoping that I will understand whats my condition or if theres something wrong with me. I know there are a lot of treatment or options, but I am not financially ready for all those (just in case something is presented in front of me), so really hoping will turn out fine. thank you again :slight_smile:


Good luck! :heart:

One test you can do is HSG. If there are any minor blocks in your passage, it will remove and chances of pregnancy has been 90% successful within the next 3 months! No harm in trying.
FYI. My wife was successful in her natural pregnancy in the 2nd month after doing HSG :slightly_smiling_face:. Sending prayers and wishes for you to get good news soon!

@madhutvam, thanks. I just googled HSG… I might need to ask my OB about this, she advised that I take some tests first like the FSH, LH, and blood works… Congrats btw, I really am hoping to see those 2 pink lines one day as well. :slight_smile: