Ask Me Anything About PND

Do you have a question about postnatal or prenatal depression? It’s PND Awareness Week from 4th-10th September 2017, so Tillie from PANDAS Foundation – the UK’s most recognised and trusted support service for families suffering prenatal/antenatal and postnatal illnesses – was live on Facebook to answer your questions.

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Tillie - wonderful advice and honest. I can't believe they don't do ante natal groups anymore, or post natal groups.


Thank you! I've been referred by my health visitor and have an appointment with my GP so 🤞🏼should start feeling better x

Hi Millie, with PTSD a lot of parents experience vivid flashbacks which can be triggered by smells, sounds and even just randomly, it can be very upsetting and is normally brought on my a traumatic birth. You can read about the signs and symptoms here, if you go to the information pages you'll see the signs of PND and you'll be able to tell what resonates with you the most. Get in touch if you need support and don't forget you can go and see your GP to talk it through.

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If you're going through PND remember You Are Not Alone. Join our new forum now to talk to other mums and our trained parent helpers here:

How can you tell the difference between PND and PTSD? X

I had it. Overwhelmingly terrified and felt like I'd fallen into a whirlpool. Constant sea of tears, rocked in every way and waves of pain, guilt, sadness and isolation. More needs to be discussed prenatal so you don't feel so alone and scared if you get it. I only admitted to myself I had it at 4 months postpartum. Talking and walking was a huge help.

Well done Tilly

Well done Tillie! 😁

Thank you hunny!